oh wont you write me – Cumbrian confectionery?

Today, in Spyatri, I tried to buy some croissants.

‘Nah’ was the response ..’ there’s no demand’

2 years back I tried to buy some for breakfast. I was informed that ‘as they were cakes they didn’t make them until the afternoon’ . ‘So’…. I says ‘can you make some of these cakes for tomorrow morning please .. make an exception’.

The Co-op made an exception and the following morning I was waiting at the checkout when the 5 (yes 5) croissants were put on the shelf.

‘I’ll take the 5’ I sez (would have preferred 6 but..).

‘You can’t tek aw 5’ says the checkout guard.

‘Why not?’

‘Cos there’ll be nin left’


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