I am a crime statistic but the cow got away with it.

I am a crime statistic but the cow got away with it.

During March I was fined for not having my driving licence with me whilst driving. There were 5 traffic violations in Greyton and Genadendal District and I accounted for 20% of them.

The statistics for the month were published in the local rag – The Greyton Sentinel. There are 2 columns of statistics Cases and Arrests Made. Statistically I was an arrest.

A sample of the other statistics reveals the following:

  • There was 1 murder in the month (very unusual) and 1 arrest (good).
  • 3 cases of domestic violence resulting in 3 arrests
  • 9 cases of possession of dagga(7)/tik(2) and 9 arrests.
  • 38 cases of drunkenness (yes 38!) and 38 arrests.
  •  9 cases of common assault/gbh and 8 arrests.
  •  My traffic violation see above.
  •  a lot of minor stuff involving house breaking (1), malicious damage(3)- all arrested.
  •  and… 1 case of ‘stray cattle’ but no arrests.

What is the world coming to? I could blog on BUT words fail me.

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