Vineyard and Cellar



Swallow Hill is a new small artisan vineyard and cellar



We are Dr Dianne and Mr  Brian Dawes


This website/blog is part about our life(s) in SA and in Cumbria – and also a record of the building of our vineyard and cellar and also a collection of rants and articles about our experiences. (more later)


The Vineyard:


  • We have organic status and the WWF certification for Biodiversity in Wine Industry
  • We planted 1 hectare of Viognier in Nov 2008 (~ 3 000 vines)
  • ~1000 vines died in the first 4 months – too hot in growtubes (see blog)
  • We replanted ~1 000 Viognier vines in August 2009
  • We planted 1 hectare of Tempranillo in August 2009 (~2 700vines)
    • Total nr of vines 5 700


The Cellar:


  • Artisan cellar
  • approx 25 metres x 10 metres – ideal for processing 7 000/10 000 bottles per year
  • Fit out started  Feb 2012 – with intention to process 2 to 3 tonne of Tempranillo in 2013
  • Trial/proofing run in Feb 2012 on 480kg of Merlot (Elgin) and 700kg of Cabernet Sauvignon (Barton)


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